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    Olympic Pizza and Pasta Press


    "Andreas (the Greek owner) makes you feel completely at home."   

    "The salad with its fresh romaine lettuce hearts is wonderful with the amazing feta dressing!"   

    "The souvlaki, pork steak, gyros, mousaka, pizzas, and pastas are all tasty."

    "Don't confuse this with the "Olympia Pizza" group. This is Olympi'C' Pizza, and is owned by a single Greek family.

    It has been helpful to know some of the family, because the hook-ups are of such proportions, it would be total food pornography for me to tell you all my dirty little Greek secrets.

    The garlic bread is refilled with Zeus-like lightning-throwing frequency, which is both wonderful and terrible at the same time. It's not some crazy artisan bread, it's just garlicky goodness when you need it most. Couple it with the feta, tomato, cucumber app for a real taste sensation.

    Their ovgolemeno is perfectly-homey and comforting. Lemon soup, creamed by slowly adding egg, with rice and chicken. A great substitute for pho when you're feeling icks.

    So the famous thing here is the pork steak. It's ridiculously huge, and is simply seasoned with garlic salt and pepper (so they say) and it makes all my food companions squeal when they take a bite. (Me no eat pork, solly.) The soup and the Greek potatoes are part of the price, so get on this deal if you're into the piggly wiggly.

    I always order their veggie lasagna, which never really cools down. I've actually eaten it two hours after dinner and it was finally edible temp. I'll try something else tonight a little more calorie-friendly, as I've been nomming Christmas cookies as if they were Twinkies, and I'll never get another one FOREVER.

    Fun fact: They serve Big Red, the soda here. I generally don't care for anything soda-wise except ginger ale, but Big Red is weirdly tasty to me. The first time I had it was in a bingo hall in west Texas. The cigarette smoke hovered like a nuclear blast cloud and I needed something to quench my thirst. I ended up ordering 3 through the night (and won a bingo game! Thanks, Big Red!)

    Please come here and see Andreas and his charming family. They are the bees knees. He always comes out of the kitchen to ask how your food is, so really, there isn't really any reason to not chat him up. Remember Olympic, not Olympia. Word."

    Trip Advisor

    "The Best Mom and Pop Place in Town. The menu items are fresh, tasty, abundant and very reasonably priced. Andreas and Irene (mom and pop) do the cooking. Their daughter does the serving. The Greek flavors come through deliciously. Andreas personally greets his guests. If you are 'a regular', there is often a complimentary item offered to you. We love supporting such a wonderful, small, family-run business."   

    Google Reviews

    "If you like crust, cheesy pizza then this is the place."   

    "Portions were plentiful."   


    "Features the most popular dishes at the Olympic being the Pork Steak, Spaghetti Meat Sauce and the Pizza!"